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Setting new standards in portable ablution units

We offer you the best portable Wudu units, which are portable and can be installed anywhere near your worksite. The self-cleansing ritual before the Islamic prayer, Salah, gets done within our portable Wudu unit. All 12 cleansing procedures get done from within the confines of our portable Wudu unit. We offer these Wudu units anywhere in Qatar. You can buy these at affordable rates, and we customize them according to the specifications required.

There are numerous additional places where ablution blocks might be useful in addition to building sites, where it is common practise to supply workers with adequate lavatory and toilet facilities. Our portable restrooms can be used in caravan parks, farms, music festivals, sporting events, and remote beach or rainforest areas. 

Since ablution units that include toilets and showers must constantly be cleaned with water, we created a ground construction that performs well in terms of waterproofing. 

Ecoplanet is an expert in making portable Wudu units, and we offer a variety of prefabricated portable restroom designs with various functionalities. Depending on your gender, you can select either a combined bathroom with a shower and a dressing room, or a single-function bathroom with just a washbasin and urinal. 

Elevate Your Ablution Experience: Discover Portable Perfection!

Our range of portable Wudu units and ablution blocks set a proper standard for clean, hygienic, and functional personal & professional spaces. These get installed wherever you want as people understand the use of our portable Wudu units. The portable ablution blocks & Wudu units are ventilated and designed to have a proper water draining system to a waste water tank connected to these Wudu units. 

Customized Portable Ablution Units to Suit Your Needs!

Once you contact us about these portable Wudu units, we can discuss your requirements and specifications. These measurements and facilities allow our team to properly customize your portable ablution blocks and Wudu units. Our units get plumbed properly and connected to an existing sewage system as well. As known, these can be transported and placed at different places as per your preferences, and our team will install them for you. Some of the features that get included in the portable Wudu units are hand wash stations or sinks, a shower for bathing and cleansing, plumbing, and secure & lockable doors.

Features of our portable ablution units and Wudu units in Qatar

  • Customizable
  • Hygienic
  • Functional
  • Ventilated
  • Draining System
  • Plumbed
  • Transportable
  • Secure

Eco Planet comes to you in Qatar to fulfilling all your portable cabin needs. Nowadays, worksites, events, parks, and stadiums need such spaces, which get used for ablution and Wudu. Come to us and you will not be disappointed with the portable Wudu units you get from us. The installation is easy as our team helps you with both installation and maintenance if any.  

We focus on providing and installing prefabricated ablution units, and our goal is to give our clients access to high-quality ablution goods and services. We continue to be the leaders in our field because to our significant experience and knowledge. Because we place a high value on customer pleasure, we meticulously develop our goods to be usable by people of various abilities. 

According to the needs of the clients, we provided a distinctive selection of customer-focused products and expert services during our previous offerings. Because of the deep bond we’ve built with them as a result of this, they depend on and trust our services.







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