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Unfolding the successful Journey of Ecoplanet

With a solid commitment to upholding the purity of the environment, Eco Planet serves as a trustable destination in the industry of portable cabin production. With 10+ years of experience in the field, Eco Planet’s company in Qatar aims to provide comfort with portable cabins. The popularity and excellent service of Eco Planet make it a well-liked and dependable portable cabin design partner in a lot of occasions, events, and operations held worldwide. As sanitation facilities that can maintain themselves are urgently needed, we implement the newest technology that outperforms the standard expectations for performance. Thus, Eco Planet has altered people’s ideas of what a portable toilet can be and how to use it through its timeless fusion of the most advanced technology and elegant design.

ecoplanet labors working on portable cabins
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A fully-sustainable planet is what we aim at. Innovative solutions are at the core of our mission to revolutionize public health and hygiene worldwide 

We also put importance in inventing new ideas in the field of sanitary facilities. Through this way, we aim to become a role model to all sanitization companies in the world who are ready to provide the best out of everything.

Our Ecoplanet Mission
Our Ecoplanet Vision
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While everyone takes care to keep their toilets clean at home, this is not always the case with public restrooms. Additionally, there is a severe manpower shortage for lavatory cleaning.   

Therefore our vision is to introduce novel concepts in the field of sanitary production and thus enlarge our presence across the globe. We desire to bring cutting-edge products that place a strong emphasis on social as well as commercial qualities. 

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As our journey never ends, we grow up with each successful project. We learn, observe, and function in a way that always preserves innovation which helped us to complete 1000+ successful projects.  

At this stage, we have succeeded in providing sanitary facilities in an environmentally responsible manner. In order to serve the needy with sanitation facilities, we have now expanded our mission worldwide.

Our Ecoplanet Growth
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What People Say

We went to see their collection, and it was awe-inspiring to see how innovative technology and human hands go along to make precise portable sanitary fittings.
Anna Paulina
Getting to know the best concepts, ideas, and techniques in portable sanitary wares was a privilege. What interested me is their production of mobile hand wash stations.
Hussain Ahmed Noor
Portable smoking cabins deserve my appreciation. They used modern methods and techniques to make it most usable for everybody.
Really pleased with the facility they provided, and especially striking is their consideration of quality control and personnel direction.
Rama B Uthman
My visit to this place was worthwhile. They manage to invent useful products like easily portable toilets and security cabins.
Sofia Derosa
I felt happy for their unique contribution to the sustainability of our planet. Ablution Units, security cabins, smoking cabins, and everything they introduce are easily manageable.