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Trusted Source for Customized Portable Hand Wash Stations and Sinks

We, Eco Planet, have become a household name for portable cabins with portable hand wash stations or sinks in Qatar. Our team has designed several customized portable hand wash stations/sink units that get used in your events and at offsite workplaces in Qatar. The sinks get made with stainless steel or wood and they can be used anywhere to access clean water for washing your hands after a meal or any job with hands. The hand wash stations can be modified to be used as portable kitchen sinks to wash your plates, shampoo sinks to wash just your hair, and face & eye washing stations anytime, anywhere, and in case of any kind of emergency.  

The portable handwashing stations from Ecoplanet help to maintain an event as safe and free of germs as possible while offering several benefits to the sites that employ them. Unlike sinks that are tied to a plumbing system, our portable handwashing sinks are reusable and ecological from location to location. By avoiding the need for pricey and wasteful plumbing installation, they help to maintain a greener environment. 

These sinks work great for events involving eateries, drink service, ceremonies, decks and garages, school grounds, and trade shows, and the majority of them include warm water on-demand systems. The portable sinks from Ecoplanet provide the same functions as a regular sink while also providing the benefit of simple movement for handwashing whenever it is needed. 

Our portable sinks are useful in just about every situation or event. The self-contained sinks are the best option for medical offices and classrooms when plumbing is either unavailable or too expensive due to their adjustability and portability. 

Portable sinks are not attached to any plumbing, therefore labor-intensive installation is not necessary.  By using one of our portable washbasins, you can use less water because they don’t require plumbing. The portable sinks from Ecoplanet are an economical purchase that provides a useful and hygienic option for cleanliness.

Adaptable Portable Hand Hygiene Stations

Once you decide on getting a portable hand wash station or sink, contact us. We can discuss your requirements that include how big the event or offsite is so that we can customize the portable hand wash stations/sinks. Our high-quality product gets used in big parks, stadiums, construction sites, oil field off-site worksites, camping grounds, and events. We sell our portable cabin products with maintenance services in Qatar. You can avail these for an affordable value and use them as per your needs & requirements. We engage your thoughts to customize your portable hand wash stations or sinks that meet your exact specifications. 

Features of our Portable Hand Wash Stations and Sinks

  • Customizability 
  • High-Quality Construction 
  • Affordable Value 
  • User-Friendly Design 
  • Quick Installation
  • Ease of Use 

The portable hand wash station/sink has a simple working principle. We advise you to follow the instructions for an issue-free use of our product. Our team will be with you if needed for any kind of emergencies that arise. The unused water in the sink drains into the waste water tank set up along with the portable hand wash station.  







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